Are you opening a new heath clinic and worried about your budget? Here are a few things you can do to save yourself some money as you expand your business:

Invest in Refurbished Furnishings

It may be tempting to purchase new furnishings for your clinic to impress your clients and provide them with a clean, inviting atmosphere, but the expense can dramatically cut into your budget and decrease your profit levels as you expand your business. Investing in refurbished furnishings such as surgical tables, waiting room chairs, lighting, and even surgical equipment will provide the clean and professional look you want without breaking the bank. Make sure that any pre-owned equipment you decide to purchase is labeled refurbished as opposed to used because the furnishings and equipment have been cleaned and repaired to like-new condition. Check out a company like Heartland Medical Specialties Inc. to buy refurbished medical equipment.

Limit Your Operating Hours

An excellent way to keep costs under control as you grow your business and build your client base is to limit your operating hours for the first few weeks. Instead of staying open all day, choose three or four days to operate and offer emergency services only on the other days. Alternatively, you can limit your operating hours to just three or four hours a day throughout the week.

As your client base grows and profit margins increase, you can start adding more hours to your roster and expanding your operating budget. While providing services on a limited basis, you may want to vary your hours and days of operation throughout the week in order to accommodate the needs of everyone in your community. Post a new weekly schedule of operating hours on your front door to keep your clients up-to-date.

Employ Free Advertising

Instead of paying for advertising or skipping it altogether, focus on using free promotional opportunities to advertise your clinic's services. Have car washes on the weekend in your clinic's parking lot – you can use the proceeds to help fund your business and gain free advertising at the same time. Consider hosting a couple of community potluck parties and giving away donated items to contest winners throughout the events. Have friends and family members stand out in front of your clinic and hold up signs inviting new patients to visit. You can even offer discount vouchers to new patients for checkups and other basic health care services that will pay for themselves once the new patients become long-time clients.

These methods and techniques should help you better manage your start-up budget and ensure that you start making profits sooner rather than later.