While your new CPAP machine will help you to breathe properly throughout the night, a handful of popular supplies can also be instrumental in supporting you in your effort to get a good night's sleep. When you browse the numerous supplies that are available in the CPAP section of your local medical equipment supplier, one device that you'll see is a CPAP pillow. This is a special pillow that is easy to recognize because of the indentations on its surface and serves as an alternative to your conventional pillow. You'll see a few different CPAP pillows for sale, so here are some factors to consider as you decide which product will best suit you.

Your Head Size

When you look at a few different CPAP pillows, you'll see that many of these products have an indentation in the center. This spot is for your head, especially if you're accustomed to sleeping on your side. Take note of the size of the indentation of a few pillows and consider which model will best suit the size of your head. Ideally, you'll find a pillow with an indentation that your head will fill perfectly. An indentation that is too small may feel uncomfortable, while a larger indentation may promote unnecessary head movement during the night.

Your CPAP Mask Type

There are all sorts of CPAP masks on the market, and it's important to consider the type of mask you use when you shop for a CPAP pillow. These pillows have indentations that are designed to support your mask. When you buy a pillow designed for side sleeping, there will be an indentation for the mask on each side of the indentation for your head. If you use a larger mask, you'll want to ensure that the indentations on the pillow are sizable enough to hold it. Conversely, if your mask is smaller, a pillow with smaller indentations will be adequate.

Your Firmness Preference

People have all sorts of different preferences concerning the firmness of their everyday pillows. While some people find firm pillows to be highly comfortable, others favor those that are softer. It's important for you to consider your preference about this topic as you shop for a CPAP pillow. Like conventional pillows, CPAP pillows are available in various degrees of firmness. Choosing a pillow with a firmness that feels familiar to you will help you to sleep soundly with your CPAP mask on. Learn more about CPAP pillows at your medical equipment supply store.

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